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Your tax-deductible donation to RCEF directly adds to the joy and rewards of both teaching and learning, from pre-school through high school classes in our area’s public schools. Our community reaps the rewards as our coastal children participate in challenging academic projects, go on exciting field trips, discover new avenues of learning, and explore specialized educational materials.  These experiences make their school years memorable and informative, helping to inspire them to be life-long learners.

RCEF is a tax-exempt 501(c) (3) organization, and because board members fund all administrative costs, 100% of every tax-deductible donation goes directly to teacher-initiated projects. IRS regulations require us to state that the Redwood Coast Education Foundation does not provide goods or services to you in consideration of your contribution.


Please donate to RCEF and help us spread the word about RCEF to family and friendswho are interested in enriching local educational experiences. You may also wish to consider designating RCEF as a recipient in your will or trust.

We invite you to talk to any current or past RCEF board members regarding our organization, and why we are so passionate about contributing to education through RCEF grants. Current board members are listed below.

​​​​To ensure 100% of your donation supports local education:

Donate by check, or through Venmo with a debit card or linked account.

Otherwise, using a credit card, or any PayPal payment method,
incurs a 2.2% to 3% credit card processing fee deducted from your donation.

> To donate by check, so no fees reduce your donation:
Mail your check to:

Redwood Coast Education Foundation

PO Box 1525

Gualala, CA 95445

> To donate by debit card or Venmo-linked account,
so no fees reduce your donation:

> To setup  no-fee recurring donations, keep RCEF funded, and ensure 100% of your donations support local education:
Most checking accounts have a free service to automatically send recurring checks. Login to your account and look for "Bill Pay" or a similar option, and set up your payment to be mailed to the above address. If you can't find this option, call your bank and ask.

​> To donate once or setup recurring donations by credit card via PayPal,
(donations reduced by 2.2% to 3% credit card processing fees)

No matter how you donate, please be sure to include:

  • Full name

  • Email address

  • Mailing address

​​Donations made through PayPal or Venmo will get an email confirmation, which should be retained for tax purposes. However, no matter how you donate, so long as you provide your full name and mailing address we will send you a receipt. If you do not get one within a month of your donation, please email us at

RCEF Board of Directors:

​Ward Anderson
Joanne Brooks
Robyn Cota Cann

Camille Cox
Patrick Ellis

Sylvia Evans
Erike Guynes

Rhonda Rumrey
Donna Stornetta



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